• Show links to your business’ Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ profiles
  • Display your links as a popup or as a static link bar

In Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Beyond Reviews, check the Prompt visitors to connect? box.

prompt connect closed

In the dialogue that appears , enter your Facebook short URL, Twitter handle, or Google+ page ID. Note that you do not need to provide the full URL for any of these fields, but Google+ names must begin with ‘+’.

For example, if your Facebook URL is http://www.facebook.com/yourbusiness, you will simply type yourbusiness.

You can choose to display your social media links as a popup that appears as soon as your landing page is loaded, or as a static link bar that runs across the top of the page (select from the drop-down menu).

social popup
The ‘Social Popup’ option


social link bar
The ‘Social Link Bar’ option

Note that while your landing page presents a great opportunity to get more people following you on social media, adding these links will have a negative effect on your review conversion because they will provide a distraction or ‘out’ to your visitors. Consider your campaign goals accordingly.