• Set up a profile for a business with more than one location, branch, or professional.

1) Convert your profile

First, create a new profile for one location of your business as you would any other. You can add in details now or later.

To begin setting up a multi-location review funnel, navigate to Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Review Profile. To convert to a multi-location landing page, click the Add Profiles button.

Confirm your choice and the page will convert into a multi-location profile. The preview window will now show your top-level (parent) landing page, where customers can choose the location they visited.

Your original profile will be automatically converted to Profile 1. You can edit this at any time. Each link button on the new top-level landing page now represents an individual business location. When clicked, the button will take the customer to that location’s landing page.

A multi-location parent profile immediately after converting

2) Add more locations

There are two ways to add locations. If you’re dealing with only a handful of locations, we recommend adding them individually. If you’re dealing with a large number of locations, we recommend you add them in bulk.

Adding locations individually

Add a single new location/landing page by clicking the Add a Profile button.

Give your new profile a Page title, a unique shortname, and an optional Internal ID. You can copy customized text content, email text campaign, and/or CSS styling from another location by selecting it from the list that appears under Copy content from another page. Press Submit to finish.

Adding locations in bulk

If you’re working with a large number of locations, we recommend using the bulk upload method described here.

multi-loc upload csv-xlsx hlt

3) Edit your profiles

Editing the top-level profile

On the top-level profile, you now have access to a new group of settings under each tab.

The Links tab has become the place where you manage all of your different location links. You can add, re-order, edit, show/hide, and delete them in Links > Review Profiles. You can select what multi-location landing page layout you’d like to use from the Page type dropdown menu.

mutli-loc links tab

A few elements haven’t changed in the Links tab: you can still setup your notifications and social media buttons.

Note: Notifications recipients on the top-level profile will receive notifications for all locations in the multi-location profile.

The Content tab will have fewer options than on single-location profiles. You can edit the Message to all visitors and Attach an offer to the top-level profile only.

The Setup tab is identical to that on a single-location profile, but changes made here will apply to all locations. For example, if you change to the Stars layout or add Custom CSS, they will be applied to all locations underneath in addition to the top-level profile.

Editing an individual location’s profile

To edit any individual location’s profile (these profiles function nearly identically to a single-location landing page), simply click the Pencil (pencil) icon next to its entry in Dashboard > Funnel > Links or select it from the profile selector menu in the top-left corner of the dashboard. The dashboard will change slightly upon loading but it functions nearly identically to the dashboard for a single-location business.

Under the Content tab, you’ll be able to fully customize the landing page text and content for the active location as you would any single-location profile. The changes made here will only apply to the active location unless you select Copy above to all sibling profiles? before saving your changes, which will apply the changes to all location profiles except the top-level profile.

copy above to sibling profiles
The Setup tab has become This Profile, and its settings have been simplified.

Note that if you are using the Page Images button layout on your main landing page, you’d load in the image for each business in this panel.


URL structure

Multi-location profiles have a slightly different and longer URL structure than single location pages.

The shortname you choose for the top-level profile will appear immediately after your domain, e.g.


Each individual location’s shortname will be added to end of the above url, e.g.


Top-level profile perks

Multi-location profiles aren’t simply tools for easy grouping of profiles. The top-level profile gives you a few features that make it easier to handle customers and data in aggregate:

Made a mistake?

If you converted a single-location profile by accident, you can easily revert it.

If you have already created several locations and decide you don’t want them grouped under a multi-location profile, get in touch. Our support team will be able to ungroup them for you. Conversely, if you’ve created several single-location profiles that you want grouped under a multi-location profile, we can help with that too.