• Add Review Monitoring to keep track of activity on an unlimited number of review sites
  • Automatically stream your latest and greatest reviews to your website and social media profiles

Review Monitoring allows you to see review activity across all of your review site links in near real-time, receive email alerts whenever new reviews are posted, and to display a stream of your latest and greatest reviews on your website and review funnel landing page, and automatically share positive reviews to your social media profiles.

Adding Review Monitoring

To add review monitoring, navigate to Dashboard > Reviews. Click the Add Review Monitoring button.


Once monitoring has run (it will run once when first activated, then nightly thereafter – meaning that your new review will be loaded in – and review alerts sent out – the morning after the review is published), your Reviews page should be populated with existing reviews and look more like this:

You can choose what star ratings get published and exclude certain websites from publishing by going to Dashboard > Reviews > Monitor and Stream > Review Stream.

review stream exclusions

We can almost always pull reviews from your main listing URL. However, you may want to guide visitors to a different call-to-action URL than one we could monitor for reviews. To do so, use this guide.

Once you’ve found the right URL, click the Pencil (pencil) next to the appropriate link and paste it into the Review Monitoring URL (optional) box.

add separate reviews url facebook


Note that you can monitor a review site link without displaying it on your landing page. To hide a link from your page, navigate to Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Your Review Site Links. Click the check mark (next to the link you’d like to hide until it turns gray.

Adding the Review Stream to your website

Once you’ve set up Review Monitoring, you can embed a stream of your latest and greatest reviews from across the web into your website using a simple copy-and-paste widget.

Navigate to Dashboard > Reviews > Review Stream. Click the code in the box to select it, then Ctrl/Cmd + C to copy it. In the appropriate place on your website, Ctrl/Cmd + V to paste.

For more information on embedding your Review Stream, click here. Note that you can also embed the Review Stream directly into your landing page.

If you’re a WordPress user, be sure to look into our SEO-friendly Review Stream Plugin. We also have a Joomla Review Stream Module and a Drupal Review Stream Module.

Automatically share reviews to social media

By connecting your social media accounts and setting some basic rules, we’ll automatically post new reviews that meet your criteria as social media content. Read How do I auto-share my reviews to social media? for more info.