Please note: using a custom “from email” may negatively affect the deliverability of your campaign emails (i.e. cause them to bounce). As such, we do not consider it a best practice to use this feature. To avoid this problem, leave the field unchanged, which will use the default email address.

Do not use a free email address (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Aol, as a “from email”, as this will nearly guarantee deliverability issues.


You can now add a From email to your email campaigns. The emails will still be sent out from our email servers, but the sender address field in most email clients will reflect what you’ve put in the From email field.

To change the from email from the default, unbranded address, click the From email field text.


Type in your preferred email address, and click outside of the field to save your changes. You can use the Send a test feature to test your changes. Note that changes made to this field apply to all emails in your campaign sequence.