• Use the dropdown menu above the Manage > Users  table to filter between all users in your account, all users you own, and all of your independent user’s subusers.


You may want to know how many users you have enrolled at a given time, or be able to see how many subusers your independent users have signed up. Under Manage > Users , account owners, admin users, and staff users will see a dropdown menu labeled displaying the default option Own Users. Here you can filter between your subusers and those of independent users.

Note: You will only see this pulldown menu if you have already created independent users. You can learn how to do this here

Own Users

The different dropdown menu options are:

  • All Users: Shows all users with access to the account, and their levels of access.
  • Own Users (default): Shows the users that the person signed in owns. (This will filter independent users and their subusers from the list)
  • [Independent User’s Name]’s Users: Shows all subusers under [Independent User’s Name]’s account

Viewing independent subuser lists

Account owners and admin-level users can view and edit subusers created by individual independent users.

sub user pull down menu


You can see how many users are in each subgroup by noting the number of entries listed in the bottom left corner of the page after selection. This is a quick way to see how many subusers are under each independent user’s account, or how many users have access to your account.

sub users 1 of 6 w box