Welcome aboard! This guide will help you quickly add your first Business Profile and connect 3rd party review sites to your business profile to start getting more and better reviews for your business.

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  • Adding a Business
  • Copy Setup from Another Profile
  • Add Review Site Listings

Adding a Business:

The first time you log in to your account you will be presented with a welcome page (this is your dashboard). To start adding content to your account, you need to create a Business Profile, which you can do by selecting the “+Add a Business” button in the center of the page.

A new screen will appear. This screen will allow you to fill in the information related to your business and generate the “landing page” that Grade.us will direct your customers to for leaving reviews.


1. Brand/ Business: Enter your brand/business name.

2. Business Industry: Select the industry category your business is most related to from the dropdown.

3. URL Shortname: Enter a custom Shortname. The shortname will become the webpage address of your review funnel landing page.

4. Internal ID (optional): an ID that can be assigned to the profile for internal  tagging purposes.

5. Language: English, Spanish, French, German, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian.

You can edit these options at any time from the “Setup” tab within your funnel.

Once you have entered your information, select submit. The page will refresh and you will be presented with your dashboard. This is your account’s default homepage and what you will be presented with each time you login.


Copy Setup from Another Profile

Sometimes you may want to have multiple Business Profiles that have the same look and feel, but are linked to different businesses. It is possible to copy information from an existing profile and apply it to a new one.

1. Navigate to the search bar at the top of the page that contains your current Business Profile and select the + sign.

2. In the new screen that appears add your Brand/ Business name, Industry, Shortname, Internal ID, and Language as normal.

3. At the top of the screen near the “Add a New Business” header, select the “Copy setup from another profile” dropdown.

  • Select the Business Profile you would like to copy from the drop down. So long as there is at least one Business Profile currently available on your account, this option will be available.

4. To complete the profile setup select “Submit.”


Add Review Site Listings

After setting up your business profile, you’ll be prompted to add review sites.  You can add specific review site listings by clicking the “+ Add Listing” button. Click here for details on how to automatically and manually add your links.

You can also collect reviews directly from customers on your landing page without going through a third-party site. Quickly access this feature by clicking the Add a Link button and choosing the Review Now button at the bottom of the list that appears.

Next, let’s choose a layout. Read about all of the different layouts here and choose the one that’s best for your goals. Segmenting layouts allow you to catch unhappy customers before they leave a negative review on a third-party site and give them a direct line of communication with your business.

Choose your layout by navigating to Dashboard > Funnel > Setup > Branding and Design. Click the Change button to select a layout.

Click here for more details about changing your layout.

Now that you have the fundamentals set up, it’s time to get your customers to the landing page to leave feedback and reviews. Navigate to Dashboard > Invites > Email to add recipients to your email list and begin sending them our automated email sequence. Click here to learn how to get started with an email drip campaign.

You can also enable SMS campaigns and recipients.

If you’d like to engage your customers via other methods, click here for an introduction to all of the different tools we provide to get people visiting, clicking, and reviewing.

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