Note: The email signature snippet is designed for use in an email client’s (e.g. Apple Mail, Gmail) signature settings. We cannot guarantee its functionality when used in an email’s content or anywhere other than an email signature field. Because of the diverse nature of email software, HTML adjustments are commonly required when doing so, so we do not recommend attempting this unsupported use unless you are familiar with HTML and can identify and make any necessary modifications.

Our email signature snippet feature allows you to embed your review funnel landing page dialogue in your email signature. You can find your email signature widget in Dashboard > Widgets > Email Signature Snippet. The snippet displayed will match the appearance and function of your review funnel layout, unless you choose a different layout. Note: The Review First layout will display Stars by default.

snippet faces

snippet hearts

snippet stars
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Implementation will vary slightly between email clients, but we provide you with both a ‘direct’ embed and the raw code to accommodate the requirements of a range of email clients. Because of the diverse nature of email softwares, we cannot guarantee that the snippet will function as expected in all email clients, especially those that are older or less-used. Some trial and error may be necessary to achieve the desired result. Support in these situations is best sought from the email software vendor. 

‘Direct’ Embed Method

Most email clients used for direct, non-marketing/transactional correspondence – especially simple email clients like Gmail and Apple Mail – will accommodate the direct embed method. Raw code will most likely not display properly in simple email clients.

To add the snippet to your signature in most email clients:

  • In Dashboard > Widgets > Email Signature Snippet, select (click and drag) and copy (Ctrl+C/Command+C) the entirety of your preferred email signature as pictured in the example below:

  • In your email client, navigate to the ‘preferences’ or ‘settings’ section and locate the ‘signature’ option. Paste (Ctrl+V/Command+V) your selection in the appropriate location and save your changes.
  • If you want to edit the default text, you can do this in the signature settings after pasting.
  • Note: If you are using Apple Mail, make sure that the Always match my default message font toggle is off in your program’s signature settings.

Raw Code Method (advanced)

With some CRM platforms, more powerful email marketing software, or unsupported uses, you might want or need to apply your email signature via the HTML source code. For those situations, we provide email signature snippet in its raw HTML form.

Note: you will likely need to modify this code to make it work with your platform.

To get this code, first click Show HTML.

Then click on the provided code to copy it to your clipboard.

email sig snippet html w buttons

Then you can paste the code where appropriate.  

Note: the snippet in your email signature will not change if you change the layout of your landing page. Any snippet will work, but if you’d like them to match, you must grab the appropriate snippet from this widget and replace it following the same steps above.


Copy/pasting HTML from Safari

Copy/pasting HTML from Safari loads it up with extraneous markup which is very bad for temperamental HTML email.

The simplest solution is: copy/paste the signature from another browser, like Chrome or Firefox.

Alternatively, you can create an HTML signature on a Mac from the raw HTML. It’s a bit more techy: create a placeholder signature, edit the corresponding .mailsignature file in ~/Library/Mail/V2/MailData/Signatures/, and then lock the file, as described here:

If you go this latter route, you’ll just want to use the raw HTML version of the signature snippet provided in the dashboard.

In an ideal world, it would “just work”. However, after exploring Safari’s copy-to-clipboard and security behavior, we can’t offer a better option at this point.

Signature not displaying after adding to Apple mail

If you are still unable to get the signature to display properly after adding it into Apple mail, make sure that the Always match my default message font checkbox is left unchecked.