• Make sure you have included the correct URLs for Review Monitoring
  • Add a separate review monitoring URL for added flexibility

Review Monitoring requires the URL of the page where your reviews reside. For most review sites, this is the same as your main listing URL, but for some it is different.

Why would you need to set an alternative URL? Typically, it will be because you’re using a special call-to-action link. For example, some users link directly to the “Write your Review” page of their chosen review site, to save the reviewer a few clicks. That’s a fine practice, but it interferes with our ability to monitor reviews using that URL (because that “write your review” page doesn’t contain any actual review content). In this case, simply add the main listing URL as the optional Review Monitoring URL, and monitoring will work normally.

We’ll be able to monitor almost all of our integrated sites from the main listing page. There are occasional exceptions, however.

Currently, the supported websites that require separate Review Monitoring URLs are as follows (click the site name for URL setup instructions):

To add a separate monitoring URL, navigate to Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Your Review Site Links. Click the Pencil (pencilon the site link you’d like to modify.

Paste the monitoring URL in the box labeled Review Monitoring URL.

Press Submit to save your changes. Monitoring will run and pull in any existing reviews within a few minutes.