• Direct link layouts make segmentation optional
  • Always available with the free version of our platform

Direct link layouts present your review site links without pre-segmenting visitors into happy and unhappy categories. The Buttons layout is the default layout for new landing pages (unless you copy over settings from an existing page). All visitors see your links, regardless of whether they intend to leave a positive or negative review.

The 'Medium Buttons' layout with Contact Form activated
The ‘Medium Buttons’ layout with Contact Form activated

Note that you can present visitors with the option to self-segment by activating the Contact Us button. To do this, navigate to Dashboard > Funnel > Content > Contact Form. Check the Prompt reviewers to contact you? box. After doing so, you can edit the related messages that appear via the Prompt Message and Message to Unhappy Customers boxes.

contact form unchecked

Make any desired edits to the form, then click Update Content to save your changes.

update content