When a customer indicates that they are unhappy, they’re directed to our customer feedback form to address their concerns privately. If you’re using our default contact form, those submissions are logged in your Reviews tab.

To access your contact form submissions go to Dashboard > Reviews > Customer Feedback.


There, you’ll see a list of your contact form submissions with the newest submission first.

Setting a submission’s status


Clicking the Set Status text in the Status column will allow you to flag submissions for follow-up and leave notes for staff. Click here for an explanation of the status flags.

Tagging a submission


Use our flexible tagging system to facilitate a response workflow. You can use tags to identify specific staff to follow up to requests, indicate the standing of a customer, or any other attribute that would be useful in organizing your feedback.

To add a tag, click the pencil icon located in the Tags column. Type in your tags – separated by spaces – and press Submit to save.


Edit tags anytime by clicking the pencil icon again. Delete existing tags by clicking the next to your chosen tag.

Note that if an email campaign recipient has already been tagged, and if that same recipient fills out the contact form and provides a matching email address, their tags will carry over to their contact form submission.

Exporting your customer feedback data

It’s possible to export a CSV file containing all of your customer feedback data by clicking the Export to CSV button.

Export to CSV button

The final CSV will look something like this:

Customer feedback CSV export