Please note:The “Links” panel is currently a public beta feature. It is shown only to admin- and staff-level users, not clients. For client-facing review response instructions, click here.

We’ve utilized the APIs provided by Google and Facebook to make it possible for you to directly respond to your reviews on those sites from our dashboard. Here’s how.

Add your Google and/or Facebook links using “Connect a Location”

First – if you haven’t already – run the Connect a Location process on your profile to automatically identify your Google and Facebook listings, and generate compatible landing page links for them.

connect a location

Connect your Google My Business or Facebook Business Manager account

Next, go the Links (beta) tab. This action can only be performed by account owners, Admin, and Staff-level users.

links beta

Next, select your Google or Facebook link from the list on the left side of the screen.

links - google

On the right side of your screen, click Connect your Google/Facebook account.

connect your google account

A pop-up will appear (make sure your pop up blocker is disabled for our website). Follow the prompts to connect your account. You may need to log in.
google oauth pop-upAfter you have authorized our connection with your Google My Business (GMB) or Facebook Business Manager (FBM) account, you’ll see a new menu of options on the right side of your screen. If you have multiple listings under the same account, you may first need to select the listing that matches your profile.

links tab profile selector
Otherwise, you’ll be able to directly push edits to your basic listing info (i.e. the edits made here will show up on the corresponding Google listing).


Responding from the ‘Reviews’ tab

Now that your GMB/FBM account is integrated, you will see a new Respond option for Google and/or Facebook reviews in Dashboard > Reviews > All Reviews.

For any given Google or Facebook review, you can respond directly from the Reviews tab by clicking the Respond NOW button.

respond now

After clicking, a modal pop-up will appear. Create or edit your response here, and click Create/Update Response when finished.

create-update response

That’s it! Your response will appear on your listing. You can Click to view on Google/Facebook to confirm that your response has been posted.

google response