What they see will vary somewhat depending on the type of email from which they’re unsubscribing.

Review notifications, scheduled reports, and system emails

We provide a special unsubscribe interface for emails that fall into the following categories:

The footer of these emails will present a subscription management link like the following:

system email footer

When this link is clicked, they’ll be directed to a page¬†where they must confirm their unsubscribe, and choose the message categories from which they would like to unsubscribe.

unsubscribe management page

Campaign emails

If the recipient is unsubscribing from a drip campaign email, they will be directed to a simple unsubscribe confirmation page in their web browser.

campaign unsubscribe confirm

Dashboard Indication

When a recipient has unsubscribed from a campaign email, you will also see an indication next to their entry on your Inactive recipients list: theunsubscribe icon trueicon will appear yellow instead of gray. If the recipient has since been archived, they will not appear on your recipients list at all.

unsubscribed recipient example list