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  • Direct Link layouts provide easy access to review site links without segmenting unhappy customers
  • Segmentation layouts identify happy and unhappy customers before they write a review and adjust their experience based on response
  • Review First allows direct feedback collection for quick social proof

Our platform gives you access to varying landing page layouts to help you more effectively match the tone of your business and help you achieve your campaign goals. There are two primary layout categories: Direct Link and Segmentation.

Direct Link Layouts

buttons layouts


The Direct Link layouts immediately display your review site links to everyone who visits your landing page. They do not contain any segmentation mechanism to identify happy and unhappy customers.

If you choose this layout, you may want to consider adding a link to the Contact Form at the top of the page. This will give your visitors a way to self-segment.

The 'Medium Buttons' layout with Contact Form activated
The ‘Medium Buttons’ layout with Contact Form activated

Segmenting Layouts

Segmenting layouts allow you to identify happy and unhappy customers before they are guided through the review writing process. Happy customers will be shown the button links shown above and continue through the review writing process, while unhappy customers will be presented with the contact form popup window.

segmenting layouts

There are four segmenting layouts to accommodate the specific needs and tone of your business (click stats are available via the Reports tab):

  • Thumbs (2 levels of segmentation)
  • Faces (3 levels)
  • Stars (5 levels)
  • Hearts (5 levels)
Landing page with the 'Thumbs' layout activated
Landing page with the ‘Thumbs’ layout activated

Review First

While it falls into the Segmenting category, the ‘Review First’ layout is a bit different. It allows visitors to first submit reviews directly to your landing page, distraction-free. If the review is positive, you can optionally display a prompt to copy and paste the review to a third-party site (you can also send this prompt via email to allow on-site feedback collection). This layout is useful for businesses that are looking to establish some quick social proof, collect customer feedback, or collect testimonials for a website – but don’t necessarily want reviews on third-party sites.

Note that even if you present them with a simplified process for re-submitting, most people are unlikely to submit a review twice. If your primary aim is to collect reviews on third party sites, it’s best to choose another layout.

review first

Note also that unlike reviews on third-party sites (most of which have clauses in their terms of service giving them legal ownership of all reviews submitted to your listing), all reviews submitted directly to your landing page are yours forever, and you may use them anywhere you like.

Review First beta
The Review First layout