Note: Review Monitoring is strongly recommended for use with the Review First layout and Kiosk mode

See also: VIDEO – Kiosk mode: what it is and how to use it

  • Collect reviews at the point of sale while complying with review sites’ terms of service
  • Must have the Review First landing page layout selected

The practice of collecting reviews at the point of sale is explicitly forbidden by most major review sites. They will be able to detect that all of your reviews are coming from the same IP address. At best, detection results in your reviews never being published. At worst, sites like Yelp may place a warning on your business listing indicating to readers that you’ve been engaging in “suspicious activity.”

However, catching a customer’s attention as soon as possible after their interaction with your business greatly increases your ability to convert them into reviewers. While our email and text campaigns are designed with this short time window in mind, some verticals may be even more time sensitive than others. That’s why we’ve introduced the Terms of Service-compliant Kiosk mode option for our Review First layout.


  • Have your landing page set to the Review First layout (Change your layout under Dashboard > Funnel > Setup > Branding and Design > Review Funnel Layout)


Navigate to Dashboard > Funnel > Content > Interaction Design > Happy Customers. Check the box next to Send as an email? (Kiosk mode).

Click Update Content to save your changes.

update content


With this option selected, happy customers will receive their review in an email along with a request to copy and paste the review at one of your review site links, which they can access from the email (unhappy customers will not receive a follow-up email).


By requiring the reviewer to submit the review from their own device, you are not only remaining compliant with the review sites’ terms of service, but you’re providing the reviewer with a tangible reminder and easy way to complete the third-party review process.