• Activate this option in Dashboard > Invites > Invite & Opt-in Forms > Opt-in Form > Advanced
  • When activated, any recipients already on the inactive list will move to active when a matching email address or phone number is added via the Opt-in form.
  • Toggled off by default

Because the opt-in form is designed for your end customer to opt themselves into email or text campaigns, some users may want to allow them to easily re-add themselves after they have already received the campaign, but before they have been purged from the inactive recipients list.

The Allow recipients to be re-added and reactivated? toggle allows you to do this. It is not turned on by default.

To toggle on this feature, go to Dashboard > Invites > Invite & Opt-in Forms > Opt-in Form > Advanced.

Under Allow recipients to be re-added and reactivated?, click on No to switch it to Yes.

re-add recipients toggle

Please note that this setting only applies to the Opt-in form.