Some review sites – like Google – do not require reviewers to submit review content – in other words, reviewers can submit ratings only. Our review monitoring will still pull these reviews into the Reviews page, and will include them in the review stream by default (provided that they meet your ratings threshold).

no content google review
A Google review with no content

This can potentially create an undesirable result when auto-sharing reviews to Facebook – or you simply may not want to display empty reviews in your Review Stream. That’s why we provide a pair of toggles that allow you to prevent empty reviews from being auto-shared and/or added to your review stream widget.

Exclude empty reviews across an entire profile

To exclude empty reviews from both auto-sharing and the review stream, go to Dashboard > Reviews > Settings > Stream Defaults and uncheck the Include empty? box.

stream defauts include empty hlt

Review stream widget toggle

For additional flexibility, we also provide the option to toggle empty reviews on or off for the review stream embeddable widget. You can use this option to exclude empty reviews from the embeddable widget only.

To access this toggle, go to Dashboard > Reviews > Review Stream > Customize Embed Code, then check or uncheck the Include empty? box.

customize embed code include empty hlt

Click Update Embed Code to apply the change, then copy the embed code and paste it where you’d like it to appear on your webpage.