• Pending recipients have been uploaded into the system but are not yet receiving your campaign emails
  • Active recipients are currently receiving drip campaign emails
  • Inactive recipients have either received all emails, unsubscribed, or submitted a review directly to your landing page (i.e. not to any third-party site)
  • Recipients on all lists cannot be re-added (pending recipients can be updated) unless completely deleted.

Pending Recipients

When setting up an automated email drip campaign, recipients you upload (via CSV or one-by-one) will automatically be added to the ‘Pending Recipients’ list, where they will stay until one of the following happens:

  • They’re automatically moved to the Active Recipients list (you must toggle on Auto-activate pending recipients daily?)
  • They’re manually moved to the Active Recipients list (after clicking Activate all Pending Recipients or toggling the ‘check mark’  in their entry on/green).

Auto-activating recipients

This feature will automatically move a set number of recipients to your Active Recipients list every day (provided that there is enough room on the Active recipients list). To turn on this feature, set Auto-activate pending recipients daily? to Yes. You can then set how many recipients per day you’d like to activate (the default is 10).

auto-activate yes

Active Recipients

Note: Recipients added via the Invite or Opt-in forms will bypass Pending and go straight to the Active list (unless the Active list is full, in which case they will go to the Pending list).

Once recipients have been moved to the Active Recipients list, they will stay there until one of the following happens (note that you can have up to 100 Active recipients at a time):

Inactive Recipients

When an recipient is no longer active, they will be moved to the Inactive Recipients list. Click the Inactive tab to view.

Inactive recipients stay on the list for 180 days (unless you manually delete them or change the expiration date), after which they can be re-added as active recipients. In most casesInactive recipients cannot be re-activated. They must be deleted, then re-added as new recipients (the exception to this rule is available via an optional toggle on the Opt-in form only)The system will prevent you from re-uploading recipients on the Inactive list, thus preventing you from sending your campaign to the same customer twice. There is no cap on inactive recipients.

To see recipient activity, click on the Email Activity or Funnel Activity tabs.