See also: VIDEO – How to embed a video in your landing page

  • Place a video in any field featuring an HTML text editor

Most editable fields in the dashboard accept HTML, meaning that you can insert non-text features like images, video, and other embeddables.

This example will embed a video on the main landing page.

stars w video embed

First, you must have a finished video hosted on the internet. This example uses a video hosted on YouTube.

First, go to the video’s page on YouTube and copy the embed code. To do this, click the ‘Share’ button located below the video title:

youtube share


Select the embed option. Right-click (or ctrl + click on a Mac) the text and click, ‘copy’.

youtube embed code


Next, navigate back to Dashboard > Funnel > Content. For our example, we’ll want to edit the Message to Visitors. In the HTML box, click the Source code (<>) button.

source code


A window will pop up. Paste the YouTube embed code in your desired location. This example also contains the <div align =”center”> attribute to center-align the video and text on the page.

edit source code

Click OK, then click Update Content to save your changes.

update content