• Copy content from one child profile to all other child profiles with Copy above to all sibling profiles? toggle in Dashboard > Funnel > Content
  • Make CSS customizations on the parent profile to apply them to all child profiles

If you manage a multi-location business and want all of your child profiles to have the same landing page text or CSS content, it’s easy to apply content changes across all profiles under a parent business.

First, select any child profile in your multi-location business. Then, navigate to Dashboard > Funnel > Content and make all of your desired changes.

When you have finished your edits, scroll down to the bottom of the Content menu and check the box next to Copy above to all sibling profiles?

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 4.09.52 PM

Click Update Content to apply the change.

update content

Custom CSS

For multi-location profiles, CSS customizations applied to the parent profile will be applied to all child profiles. For more information on CSS customizations, click here.