In order for your customers to leave a review on your iTunes listing, they must access it from the iTunes app. To create a review site link that launches your listing in iTunes, follow the instructions in this article.

Note: Due to technical infeasibility, Review Monitoring is not supported for iTunes.

1) Find your web-based product link with iTunes Link Maker

At iTunes Link Maker, make sure that you’re searching within the correct product category by selecting it from the Media Type menu.

product category


Then type your product name in the search bar. When it appears, click on it to proceed.

2) Click on your direct link

Your direct link is located at the bottom of your listing’s page. Click on it to go to your web-based iTunes store listing. Do not use this link on your landing page. Users can only leave reviews from the iTunes store.

direct link


3) Click ‘View in iTunes’

view in itunes


4) Grab your app-specific iTunes link

A popup should appear after clicking the above button (if it doesn’t, open the URL in a separate ‘incognito’/private browsing window and try again):

itmss popup


Following the example above, select the URL, eliminating everything from the “?” on. This is the link you will use on your landing page. Note: testing this link in your browser address bar will not work.

5) Add the iTunes link to your landing page

Add your review site link in Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Your Review Site Links > Add a Link. Paste the URL from step 4 in the box that appears in the popup.

add itunes


Feel free to test your new link!