• Present your landing page to customers in one of our supported language
  • Set the landing page to show only one language or allow your customers to choose.
  • View our supported languages here

To change the language of your landing page to one of our supported languages, select the landing page you’d like to translate and navigate to Dashboard > Funnel > Setup. From here, there are two different ways you can set up your translated page.

Option 1: Let the user choose their language with the language menu

This option allows the user to select from any of our currently supported languages.

A landing page with German selected
A landing page with German selected

To add the language menu, go to Dashboard > Funnel > Setup > Branding and Design. Select your default language (the language that will appear when the page is first loaded) and make sure the Show multilingual menu? box is checked.

language selection


Click Update Setup to save your changes.

update setup


Option 2: Only display one language

Follow the steps in option 1 above, but make sure that the Show multilingual menu? Box remains unchecked.

show multilingual menu uncheckedDon’t forget to click Update Setup to save your changes.

Please note: not all review sites have translated instructions. Review site instructions without translations will be presented in English. If you would like to see a review site’s instructions translated into your language, please get in touch with us.