• Completely delete a review from your account
  • Can only delete reviews added via the dashboard (i.e. from a logged in user, not a visitor)
  • Cannot delete reviews from third party sites
  • Cannot delete directly collected reviews from landing page visitors
  • Cannot undo these actions

You can permanently delete any reviews added via the dashboard – that is, a review that’s not coming in from a third-party site or left directly via the landing page by a customer. Reviews added via the dashboard by the owner of the account are considered “owned” by you–you added them, so you can delete them. But when you delete a review, you cannot recover it. Otherwise, you can always choose to hide any review you don’t want to “amplify” via the Review Stream or social sharing.

To delete a review, navigate to Dashboard > Reviews > All Reviews. In the Publish column of the review’s entry, click the X(X button) button.

reviews table w unpublish and delete options publish column hlt

Confirm your decision and the review will be deleted.