• Have specific campaign goals, e.g. “get more positive reviews on Google+”
  • Use our suite of tools to bring traffic to your landing page
  • Use review monitoring to facilitate a proactive approach to your customer relationships

Our software aims to systematize and automate the review marketing and management process as much as possible — within the limitations of the third-party sites we integrate with. There’s no doubt that review management is an active task that requires consistent effort over time to achieve results. But considering the benefits a positive review reputation brings to your bottom line, it’s an effort that quickly pays off.

So how can you get the most out of your account and landing page?

1. Set goals

Take inventory of your existing review site listings. Which review site needs the most reviews to be on par with (or to surpass) your competition? Which one is going to have the greatest benefit to your business overall?

Note: If you’re stuck here, there is ample evidence that Yelp is still the number once resource potential customers look to for reviews across a whole host of verticals, including medicine, law, and home services. However, Yelp can be a difficult target because of their strict review policy and the many hoops you must jump through to comply. Google and Facebook are increasingly popular sites to focus on because of their direct impact on your business’ search engine results, and because of the high level of traffic they each receive.

Knowing what review sites you want to focus on will help you to configure your landing page with your goals in mind and guide your visitors where you want them to go. You can highlight your top priority review site link, and hide links that become low-priority or that you may want to focus on later.

A landing page featuring a highlighted 'Review Now' button
A landing page featuring a highlighted ‘Review Now’ button

2. Drive customers to your landing page

Your landing page won’t do its job if your customers aren’t ‘landing’ there, so we provide you with tools to make what’s typically a painstaking process (driving web traffic) as simple and low-maintenance as possible.

Email and text message drip campaigns

Automated email campaigns allow you to reach out to your recent customers over time to facilitate a steady stream of reviews.

automated email 1

The default sequence touches the customer three times over the course of one week, gradually increasing the sense of urgency with each message. The sequence is completely customizable, and we encourage you to experiment with different messaging and language that’s tailored to the tone of your business.

You can also add optional text messaging to any profile in your account. When active, you can also add customer phone numbers and send out simple text messages with a link to your landing page.

default text jul 2017

You can add email and phone contacts individually, or bulk upload using a .CSV or .XLSX spreadsheet. By making customer email acquisition and uploading a regular part of your business routine, you can ensure a steady stream of fresh reviews from recent customers.

Embeddable Widgets

If your business has an existing website, our embeddable widgets will allow you to place your landing page right into your website. This allows your customers to have the full interaction with your landing page without ever leaving your website. There are two widgets to choose from:

  • The landing page widget embeds an instance of landing page wherever it’s placed. It works best as a stand-alone page within your website.
  • The Review Us button displays a pop-up instance of your landing page when clicked. It’s ideal the header, footer, or sidebar of your website.
review us button
The ‘Review Us’ button
review us pop-up
Landing page pop-up after clicking the ‘Review Us’ button

Other Strategies

Our clients have had success with the following strategies:

  • Include a link to your review funnel landing page in emails to customers
  • Print your landing page URL or QR code on business materials (e.g. brochures, placards, receipts)
  • Train employees to ask customers for reviews at strategic points in the customer journey, or even guide customers to your landing page

There are many ways to incorporate review collection goals into your business workflow – consider ways that may be unique to your business.

3. Keep an eye on what your customers are saying

Review monitoring allows you to see what’s happening on your review site listings across the web and quickly respond to any review activity that requires your attention. Note that you must activate review monitoring for each landing page before you can access these features.

Once you’ve added your review site links and activated review monitoring, our software will scan for new reviews nightly on the links that you’ve loaded in. By default, you’ll receive email alerts whenever a new review is posted (you can edit these settings). The reviews will also be loaded into your Reviews tab (Dashboard > Reviews).



Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 3.01.11 PM

Note that you can add an unlimited number of review site links, and can hide any review site link from your landing page but continue to monitor it for activity.