• Use the Is suspended? toggle in Manage > Profiles > Edit 

Prior to suspending or deleting, make sure that you have deactivated all email drip campaign recipients.

The Is suspended? toggle is designed for temporary service switch-offs, e.g. when a client’s payment to you is delinquent. This feature disables the client’s landing page (which will instead display a blank page with a “Suspended Account” message) and widgets (which will appear blank or display an error message) as long as the toggle is checked. We still retain assets and data when a profile is suspended.

Suspending a profile has no impact on your billing with us, and suspended profiles will still count against your total profile availability.

If you want to permanently remove a client from your account, use delete profile instead.

To suspend a profile, go to Manage > Profiles. 

Locate the profile to suspend in the table that appears. If needed, use the Search field in the top right of the page. After locating the profile, click Edit.


On the bottom of the Edit [[Profile Name]] page, check the Is suspended? box.

Press Update Business to save the change.

Reversing a profile suspension

To reverse a profile suspension, simply uncheck the Is suspended? box and press Update Business.