• Prospect reports are a useful tool to demonstrate the need for reputation management to your clients
  • Show a snapshot of review performance across major review sites

Our automatically generated prospect reports offer your prospects a quick snapshot of the current state of their online reputation across key major review sites, along with a summary of actionable areas for improvement. Below is a sample prospect report.

prospect report pg 1 prospect report pg 2


Note that these reports can be white-labeled with your brand(s). To generate a prospect report, click the Resources tab at the top of your dashboard. Click the Create a Prospect Report button.

create a prospect report


You’ll be asked to enter the business name, ZIP code, and phone number. Once this information is submitted, you’ll be asked to confirm the listings found by our software. Once the report is generated, it will appear in your Report List. You can view or save the report as a PDF, or view it as a webpage.

report list


Click the red Remove button next to a report to permanently delete it.

Note: Unlike client performance reports, these prospect reports pull information via API and do not require review monitoring. Facebook’s API restricts review data (indicated in the report), so the review count will always be ‘0’. We include the Facebook link to pull in information on page ‘Likes’ only.