Using a Subdomain

You can point a subdomain of an existing domain like at a given profile.You can also host multiple profiles on the same subdomain, like

For either approach, you need to create a CNAME record with your DNS provider (typically and ideally the domain registrar, but occasionally DNS handling will occur on the webhost and must instead be handled there. In the case that you must handle subdomains through the webhost, cPanel’s “Simple DNS Zone Editor” should do the trick) to point the subdomain directly at the landing page on our infrastructure.

For the example or, you would create the following CNAME:

If you only want to host one single- or multi-location business on your subdomain (, leave the Shared by multiple businesses? box unchecked.Then, for any business you want to live on this subdomain, simply select Subdomain under Dashboard > Funnel > Setup > Custom Domain and input your subdomain.

If you want to host multiple unique businesses on the same subdomain (e.g., leave the Shared by multiple businesses? box checked.

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