• The review scan widget is only available after setting up a white-label brand and domain
  • The widget lives in your brand dashboard (Brand: [your brand] > Widgets)

Below is a step-by-step guide to setting up and accessing the review scan widget.

1) Add a custom domain or subdomain to your account

The review scan widget will be associated with your brand instead of ours (it is, after all, intended for your prospective clients). In order for your account to generate a Brand page, you must first:

2) Access the widget

After you’ve successfully setup a custom domain or subdomain in your account, you’ll have access to the separate brand dashboard. Access this page by going to the bottom of the profile navigation menu in the top-left corner of your screen.


You’ll be taken to the brand dashboard. From here, go to the Widgets tab.

On this tab, you’ll find the embed code for your review scan widget. If you’re embedding the widget on a secure (HTTPS://) website, use the alternate HTTPS embed code provided.

review-scan-widget-preview-alt-hltCopy and paste the embed code on your website. You’ll receive an email whenever a new lead has used the widget (including a copy of their report and the required contact information they provided). This information will also be accessible in Brand: [Your Brand] > Leads and Prospects.