Go to Manage > Brands and select Edit from the Actions column. You’ll be taken to the Brand Settings tab of your Brand Dashboard.

brand settings

The Brand Settings page provides a suite of settings that allow you to change the appearance of your Lead-gen page and profile assets.

brand settings tab


From here, you can:

1) Change your brand domain or subdomain

Enter your new domain or subdomain (no http or www) in the field and select the corresponding domain type.

2) Change your brand name and tagline

You can edit your brand name and tagline, both of which will appear in the lead-gen page header. The brand name will also appear on select client-facing assets such as the Invite Form and Performance and Prospect reports.

The tagline will not disappear if you uncheck the Show name, too? box. To remove the tagline altogether, simply leave the field blank.

3) Add or update your logo

lead gen page logo

Upload a logo and it will appear in the header of your page. Much like the landing page, you can choose to remove or include the brand name text by checking or unchecking the Show name, too? box.

 4) Add a Favicon


Adding a favicon will place it in the browser tab when your lead-gen page is loaded. Please use the .ICO file format.

5) Touch and tile icon

Adding a touch and tile icon will display the uploaded image when your page is bookmarked and added to the home screen on a mobile device. This doesn’t happen too often ;)

6) Colors

Choose from one of our pre-made color schemes to better reflect your branding.

7) Add a physical address for your brand

brand physical address

Under Brand Physical Address, you can type in your brand’s physical location. It will appear at the footer of the lead-gen page and on client-facing system emails.

As always, click Update Brand to save your changes.