For your convenience, we offer a Latest Report Permalink where you or your clients can always view the most recent report that has been generated for a profile.

How can you use this? For example, this URL would allow you to embed the latest report in an internal dashboard with a simple link or iframe rather than a complex API integration.

Where to find your Latest Report Permalink URL

To find your profile’s Latest Report Permalink URL, go to Dashboard > Reporting > Generated Reports.

generated reports tab in context

Directly below the Generated Reports tab, you’ll see the Latest Report Permalink URL box. Simply copy this URL and share with your clients or other intended recipients.

latest report permalink URL box

Resetting the access token

A typical Latest report permalink URL will look like this:

At the end of the URL is the report token. Without this unique token, access to the report will be denied. If you ever need to reset your token, you can do so by clicking the Reset access token button next to the URL field. Resetting the token will render the old URL invalid, so make sure to share the new URL with everyone who is using it.