If your outgoing emails are displaying like this:

unknown sender

…or otherwise strangely, it’s typically because you are including a comma in your sender name.

When used in a sender name, commas and semicolons tend to cause display issues. This is because most email clients interpret commas and semicolons as the ‘dividing line’ between two email addresses. There are several proposed workarounds for this, but none that we’ve found so far display consistently across all email platforms.

The best solution is to not use a comma or semicolon in your sender name. Note that dashes (-) and colons (:) do not cause any display issues and are thus good comma substitutes.

This issue is entirely related to how different email clients handle a comma in the sender name and has nothing to do with how our system sends email. We will be adding validation to this field so that you can’t add a comma in the future.

If you are using automated email campaigns, note that the sender name is set on each email to facilitate greater flexibility in the campaign. Make sure to remove commas from the From name in each email of your sequence.