• These instructions apply to bulk adding single location businesses and locations for a multi-location business
  • Quickly add many business locations to your multi-location business/multi-profile funnel
  • Create a CSV or XLSX using most spreadsheet programs (e.g. Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers)

While you can manually add profiles one at a time, we also allow you to bulk upload new profiles or business locations using a .CSV (Comma Separated Values) or .XLSX (MS Excel) spreadsheet. There is no limit to the number of locations a multi-location business can hold, and no limit to the number you can upload at once (though you will need to ensure that your account has enough available profiles to accommodate the upload).

1) Create a .CSV or .XLSX file

Using spreadsheet software like Excel or Google sheets, create a new file with your choice of the following columns. All columns except shortname are optional. – they do not need to be in any set order. The header titles here are our defaults. You can use any headers you like, but using the default headers below will speed up the upload process.

Basic columns

  • shortname: Your desired URL shortname for the business location (e.g. atlanta). Note that the shortname will be the displayed location name (i.e. it will appear on the location button or map bubble), and will follow a few rules:
    • Dashes in the shortname will create a space in the final display.
    • The first letter of each section of the shortname (separated by a dash) will be capitalized in the final display.
    • For example, the shortname “atlanta” will become “Atlanta”. “san-jose” will become San Jose.
  • label: The main business name that will appear on the landing page (e.g. Pizza Hutch – San Diego)
  • internal_id: If the business has a store code or other unique identifier, you can include it under this header. It will not be displayed publicly.

Auto-find major listings

Include all of the following optional headers to auto-run Connect a location for all uploaded locations. Make sure to check the appropriate box when uploading.

  • name: The business location name. This should correspond to the name of the business as it is likely to appear in review site listings you would like to use (e.g. Peachtree Mortgage – Atlanta Office)
  • postal_code: The postal code for the business location (e.g. 90210)
  • phone_number: The phone number for the business location (e.g. 212-867-5309)

Auto-add other listings

If you have URLs for other review site listings that you’d like added when uploading, simply create an additional column with the name of the review site (e.g. facebook) and place the URLs in the corresponding rows below it.

Here’s an example of what a finished bulk location upload file might look like:

bulk location upload CSV

Remember: the only required column is shortname.

When you’ve finished creating your file, the next step is to upload it.