• Invite your customers to visit your landing page via text message
  • Collect mobile numbers via our native opt-in form

You can quickly engage your customers in the review writing process by guiding them to your landing page via a text message with a link to your landing page URL.

Note: When using our text message system, you agree to abide by our terms of service and only send mobile communications to customers who have agreed to receive them. Please ensure that the customer has ‘opted in’ of their own accord.

1) Enable text on your page

Text messaging is enabled on a page-by-page basis, for an additional charge that varies by country and account type (US Agency pricing is shown in the example below). Add it to your landing page by navigating to Dashboard > Invites > Phone/Text and clicking the Add Phone/Text button.

Note that you can also set a monthly text message limit that will automatically prevent sending further texts after reaching that number in a given month. The default limit is 200. To edit the limit, simply click the number displayed next to Text message limit: and type in a new number.

2) Setup a local sender number

This is the number that your customers will see in the ‘From’ field. You can specify an area code. Click Find Available Numbers and you’ll be presented with a list of phone numbers to choose from.

Select a number and press Continue.

3) Customize your message

You can customize the content of your SMS message by navigating to Dashboard > Invites > Phone/Text. Click on the text in the Text Message Template to edit it (you can use the same placeholders available for the automated emails).

Please note: Our text messages use industry-standard SMS technology, which has a 160-character limit. Messages that exceed this length will be broken up into multiple messages on many (but not all) recipient phones. These additional messages are billable. We therefore recommend abiding by this character limit. 

Clicking out of the text box will automatically save your changes. You can send yourself a test SMS by clicking Send a Test and specifying a recipient number.

Below the template, you can see both your text messages sent this month and your monthly text message limit. Account owners, admins, and staff can edit the limit by clicking on the number and typing in a new number. This information is also available in the top-right corner of any page on the Invites tab.

usage meter

4) Collect opt-ins and send

To send an text invite to a client, collect their opt-in via the opt-in form located in Dashboard > Invites > Invite & Opt-in Forms.

Present this form to your customers at the point of sale via a dedicated kiosk (an iPad or computer with an internet browser will suffice).

The opt-in form lives on its own URL – your landing page URL appended with “/optin”. For example, if your landing pages lives at:


Your opt-in form URL will be:


The customer only needs to provide their phone number and first name (last name is optional). They will receive your text message immediately after opting in. They will then be moved to the Inactive Recipients list (this list combines both phone numbers and email addresses).

You can also bulk upload text recipients via a CSV spreadsheet.

What happens if a customer replies to my message?

They will receive another message repeating the opt-out instructions.

SMS response