• Export a CSV list of all profiles by going to Manage > Profiles and clicking Export to CSV
  • CSV will include basic profile info, plus overall review and SMS counts.

To export a CSV of all profiles in your account, first go to Manage > Profiles. 

manage > profiles

Then, click the Export to CSV button near the top of the page.

export to CSV button

If desired, rename the file, then save the CSV to your computer. Open the CSV in any standard spreadsheet software (e.g. Microsoft Excel).

What’s included in the CSV

The final CSV will look something like this:

profile export csv

The CSV will contain the following columns:

  • profile_id: the unique hexadecimal ID assigned to the profile
  • business_name: the business name given to the profile
  • shortname: the shortname given to the profile
  • internal_id: the optional private internal ID given to the profile, if any
  • created_at: the date the profile was created
  • reviews_count: the total number of reviews collected for the profile at the time of export
  • last_review_date: the date the most recent review was collected at the time of export
  • sms_count: the total number of SMS messages sent by the profile at the time of export, if any
  • notes: any optional notes attached to the profile in Manage > Profiles, if any