Adding a brand allows you to white-label assets across our platform, including:

  • Prospect and client reports
  • Client-facing tools, e.g. shared invite forms
  • Emails to clients
  • The entire dashboard (for an additional annual cost)

To add a brand, go to Manage > Brands and click the Add a Brand button.

add a brand


Select a brand name and associate it with a domain or subdomain.

add a brand dialogue

Press Submit to save your brand. It will now appear in your list of domains (also located on the Manage > Brands page). You’ll automatically be taken to the dashboard for your new brand and domain. You can access this dashboard at any time by clicking the Edit button in Manage > Brands or by selecting it from the drop-down menu on the main dashboard (your domains are located at the bottom of the list).

domain list edit hlt

pages list domain hlt


In your brand/domain dashboard, you can add and edit brand assets like logos, taglines, favicons, and more. Click here for a brand dashboard overview.