Please note: Custom forms should only be implemented if you have the in-house development bandwidth to do so. We are not able to troubleshoot custom forms beyond this documentation.


  • Use the custom contact form option to insert a custom HTML or Javascript contact form
  • You will need to already have a completed form written in HTML or Javascript

Our contact form feature has a flexible Custom setting that allows you to present visitors with a feedback form that matches the needs and goals of your business. You will need a pre-created form written in HTML or Javascript.

If you are using a direct link layout, navigate to Dashboard > Funnel > Content > Contact Form.

If you are using a segmenting layout (e.g. thumbs, faces, stars), navigate to Dashboard > Funnel > Content > Interaction Design > Unhappy Customers.

Click the Present With… dropdown menu and select Custom (the default is Contact Form).

present with


Click the the <> (Source code) button, then copy and paste your custom HTML or Javascript form in the box that appears.

source code window

Once you’ve pasted your code, click OK, then Scroll down and click Update Content to save your changes.

update content

Note: this feature is not available when using the Review First layout.