• Bulk add old reviews or testimonials to your review stream by creating a CSV for upload

Note: You can also add in testimonials one-by-one.

You can upload multiple old testimonials at once for inclusion in your review stream. This is a good option if you have a collection of old written or recorded reviews from customers, or if you previously had a simple ‘Testimonials’ page on your website.

To bulk upload multiple reviews at once, you must first create a CSV file. Please be sure to follow the formatting guidelines outlined in this article.

Most popular spreadsheet software allows you to create and save CSV files, including:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • OpenOffice
  • Google Sheets

csv reviews list sample


Make sure you have the following headers in row 1 of your spreadsheet, exactly as written with no spaces or additional characters:

  • rating
  • content
  • attribution
  • email_address
  • date

Field Content

Let’s discuss the content of each field:

  • rating: The numerical or ‘star’ rating you choose to give each review. You can set ratings on 5-, 10-, or 100-point scale.
  • content: The text content of the review. This field accepts limited HTML.
  • attribution: Who wrote the review (e.g. “Bob Smith”, “Linda N.”, “Anonymous”)
  • email_address: The email address associated with the review. Note that while you can leave an entry blank for this field, you must still create the header and column for it.
  • date: The date attributed to the review. Use the MM/DD/YYYY format.


Be sure to save your file as a .CSV. This is not the default setting for most spreadsheet software. You’ll need to choose the .CSV format when saving your file.


Congratulations! You’ve just finished your reviews .CSV file and it’s ready to upload.