Note: you do not need to create separate user accounts if you only want to allow clients to upload recipients into their email drip campaigns. We provide a password-protected, dedicated invite form that allows a business to upload recipients to drip campaigns with no dashboard access required. We generally do not recommend providing user accounts to clients unless you are explicitly providing a self-serve solution to them. 

  • Create a separate login for a client or employee
  • Only give them access to what they need

Our user management feature allows you to create separate logins with varying degrees of access for clients or employees.

To add a new user, navigate to Manage > Users.




In the top right of the Users tab, click the Add a User button.


Enter the new user’s first name, last name, and email address. Then, specify the level of access you want to give them in the User access-level drop-down menu. You can give a user access to:

  • Admin: give the user access to your entire account. They will be able to access all businesses, locations, and functions, including user management and billing
  • Staff: give the user access to all businesses and locations within your account. Users at this level will be able to manage and create other users, but will not receive access to billing
  • Single business: give the user access to the control panel for single business and landing pages for all of its locations
  • Single location of a business: give the user access to the control panel for a single location (profile) of a business
  • A combination of businesses and/or locations of a business


Additionally, you can select which portions of the Dashboard you’d like them to see for their selected businesses and/or locations by editing their Custom Permissions. You can change these at any time, along with the user’s account type.

If you have multiple domains associated with your account, use associate user with domain select which domain you’d like to associate with the new user.

Click the Submit button to submit your request. An email will be sent to the new user with a link that will allow them to set up their new account. The token contained in this email is valid for two weeks, after which the administrator must send a new invitation.

When the user has logged in for the first time, it will be reflected in their User List entry under the Last Login column (this column is blank until the user sets up their account).