• The Invite Form is a password-protected portal that allows anybody in your or your clients’ organization to add recipients to your automated email drip or SMS campaigns
  • Use this feature to allow clients to add their own recipients without creating a separate login

The Invite Form allows anybody in your or your clients’ organization to upload CSV recipient lists or individually add recipients to your automated email drip or SMS campaign active recipient list (if the Active list is full, the recipients will go to the Pending list). They do not receive access to any part of your account. The form is password-protected and you can change the login credentials at any time. Simply share your form’s URL and login credentials to get your clients or colleagues started.

To find your portal URL and login credentials, first make sure that you have selected the correct business. Then go to Dashboard > Invites > Invites & Opt-in > Invite Form.

invite and opt-in - invite form

The Invite Form

The Invite Form has two tabs:

  • Add a Recipient: lets you add new recipients one-by-one. Click the checkbox of whichever contact method(s) you prefer: email, SMS, or both. Then enter all relevant information.
  • Upload a File: lets you add new recipients in bulk by uploading a CSV or XLSX (following our formatting guidelines).

Editing the Invite form

On the left side of the screen, you’ll find a small menu of options. Click on any of them to expand.

Access Credentials

access credentials

The Access Credentials section shows the randomly generated username and password required to access the invite form. You can edit the username and password at any time. Simply click on the field you’d like to edit, type in your new credentials, and click Save to save your changes.

“Magic” Link

magic link section

The “Magic” Link section contains a unique, private URL that allows team members to access the form without using the login credentials. Reset this link at any time by clicking Reset access token.


Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 11.55.01 AM

In the Customize section, you’ll find several options for customizing the form. Simply click any of the following fields to edit:

  • Header/Title: Change the large text at the top of the form
  • Body Text/HTML: Change the small text below the header text. This field accepts HTML.
  • Call-to-Action: Change what the Submit button says. The default text is Send Me a Request.
  • Custom CSS: change the look and feel of the Invite Form using CSS styling.