Note: you do not need to create separate user accounts if you only want to allow clients to upload recipients into their email drip campaigns. We provide a password-protected, dedicated invite form that allows a business to upload recipients to drip campaigns with no dashboard access required. We generally do not recommend providing user accounts to clients unless you are explicitly providing a self-serve solution to them. 

  • Description of the different access restrictions you can set for new user accounts

When setting up a new user login for a client or employee, you have control over what level of access they receive.

  • Admin: give the user access to your entire account. They will be able to access all businesses, locations, and functions – including user management and billing
  • Staff: give the user access to all businesses and locations within your account. Users at this level will be able to manage and create other users, but will not receive access to billing
  • Independent (beta): dedicate a number of your seats to the user so that they may add, manage and remove profiles and users at will. (Think: sub-agency.) You must dedicate a minimum of 10 seats to each independent user.
  • Single business: give the user access to the control panel for single business and landing pages for all of its locations
  • Single location of a business: give the user access to the control panel for a single location (profile) of a business
  • A combination of businesses and/or locations of a business

Within these parameters, you can also specify which portions of the dashboard a user can access. Click each icon to toggle its corresponding Dashboard tab on (red) or off (gray). The ‘magnifying glass’ icon will toggle the Support link (to the knowledge base) on or off.

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