• Temporarily deactivate a business location on a multi-location page

Much like you can deactivate review site links on individual landing pages, you can also deactivate individual landing page links grouped under a multi-location parent page.

Situations may arise where a business location wants to hide their landing page link. No need to delete – just follow these steps:

1) Select the multi-location parent page from the drop-down menu in the top-left corner of the screen

multiparent select

2) Under Dashboard > Funnel > Links > Review Profiles, find the location/landing page that you’d like to hide

3) Hide the landing page by clicking the green‘check mark’, until it turns gray

In this example, “Profile Livingston” has been deactivated

red lines

That’s it! Your landing page is now deactivated and will no longer appear as an option on your parent page. Note that this action only removes the landing page link from the parent page. You can still access the hidden page by typing its URL into your address bar.

You can reactivate the landing page link at any time by clicking the check mark until it turns green again.