See also: VIDEO – How to manually add reviews to your review stream

  • Load in old website testimonials, hard copy reviews, etc. on the Reviews page
  • Click Add a Review Manually to get started
  • Must have Review Monitoring enabled

You can load any old reviews that you may have collected from customers and clients directly into your account, then display them in the Review Stream.

Navigate to Dashboard > Reviews > All Reviews. On the top right side of the screen, click the Add a Review Manually button.

add a review manually

Select what source the review is coming from–i.e. either “Direct” for reviews directly collected from customers, or choose a publisher such as Angie’s List, Glassdoor, etc.

Note: Reviews sourced from publishers will enforce “good Internet citizenship” by limiting the snippet to 200 characters, showing the source for attribution, and requiring a link back to the source.

Source of the Review


Enter the Review URL.Review URL - Review Manually



Select a star rating, copy and paste your review text, and add a date and attribution. If the star rating matches your threshold for inclusion in the Review Stream, it will be automatically published.

Star Rating - Review Manually v2

Press Submit Review to finish.

You can also bulk upload old testimonials using a .CSV spreadsheet.