• Set Deactivate recipients on clickthrough? to Yes
  • Applies to email and text campaign recipients

You can deactivate a recipient based on three possible actions: open, click, or clickthrough. Deactivating a recipient on clickthrough means that they must click an outbound link from your landing page in order to be sent to the Inactive recipients list.

By default, the deactivation trigger link will be the outbound link within the pop-up instructions (like below). But if you have Skip instructions? toggled for a link, the trigger link will simply be the review site button.

clickthrough link hlt
The link that must be clicked to deactivate a recipient on clickthrough

Simply navigate to Dashboard > Invites > Recipients > Email Activity and adjust the settings in the top-right corner of the table as follows:

deactivate on clickthrough

It’s important to keep Deactivate Recipients on open? and Deactivate recipients on click? set to No. If they’re set to Yes, recipients will be deactivated before they have clicked out to a review site from your landing page, rendering the Deactivate recipients on clickthrough setting useless.

Please note: this change will apply to all future active recipients. It will not apply retroactively to your existing active recipients.