Please note: This feature is not available on legacy accounts


If you’re using our text message campaigns, it’s possible that the occasional customer may reply to the review request message. We’ve created an inbox for these text replies, on the chance that some may require further action.

To view your text inbox, go to Dashboard > Invites > Phone/Text > Inbox.

text msg mgmt inbox tab

Here, you’ll see a list of any replies you have received, with the most recent message displayed. Click Details to see the entire conversation.
text inbox reply details hlt

In the Details pop-up, you’ll also be able to reply to the selected recipient.

details pop up text inbox

Please note: replies that you send from the Details pop-up will count toward your monthly SMS usage.

Configuring an autoreply

By default, recipients who reply to campaign texts will receive the following message:

default text message autoreply

You can edit this autoreply to whatever you would like by switching over to the Configure tab.

configure tab text inbox

Here, you can edit the existing autoreply or adjust your autoreply settings. In the top right corner of the screen, you’ll see a few different options (click the setting text to edit):
Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 9.19.14 AM
The settings above, explained:

  • Autoreply only (default): This is the default setting. When a reply is received, the autoreply will be sent to the recipient and their reply logged in the Inbox. No further action will be taken.
  • Autoreply AND Notify Owners: This setting will do everything that Autoreply only does, and will also send out an email notification to all users associated with the business profile. This will apply to every message sent.
  • Autoreply OTHERWISE Notify Owners: This option is the same as Autoreply AND Notify Owners, except it will only send notifications out when you receive follow-up messages beyond the first, auto-replied one.
  • Notify Owners only: This option will never send out autoreplies but will instead notify associated users that a message has been received.