You can automatically deactivate any recipients that open, click, or complete the funnel via a review invite campaign email by going to Dashboard > Invites > Recipients > Email/Text Activity.

email-text activity tab sep 25 2017

From here, you have three different deactivation criteria you can choose from:

  • Deactivate recipients on open?: Recipients will be deactivated after opening a campaign email or text
  • Deactivate recipients on click?: Recipients will be deactivated after both opening and clicking the link inside a campaign email or text
  • Deactivate recipients on clickthrough?: Recipients will be deactivated after clicking out to a review site from the landing page they’ve accessed via a campaign email or text link

deactivate on clickthrough

For your preferred feature, click the No text to toggle Yes instead. When Yes is toggled, recipients will be automatically moved to the Inactive list when they have completed the indicated action.

Note: we recommend only toggling one option to Yes.