• Addresses on the Inactive recipients list cannot be re-added until they have expired or been removed.
  • Duplicate CSV/XLSX entries and addresses on the Inactive list OR matching any addresses already on the Active or Pending Recipients list will be automatically removed

Our system prevents the addition of duplicate email addresses and phone numbers across the board. As long as the address/number is already on the Active, Inactive, or Pending Recipients list, you will be prevented from adding it manually or uploading it in a CSV/XLSX file (your other valid entries will not be affected and will still be added). Note that Inactive recipients automatically expire and are archived after a default period of 180 days. You can change the length of time a recipient remains on your Inactive list before being purged.

Duplicate entries within the same CSV/XLSX file will also be prevented. The first entry will be added to the list, but the second, duplicate entry will be deleted.


We’ve included an optional toggle on the Opt-in form that allows you to re-activate Inactive recipients when they are input via the Opt-in form only (reason being, the opt-in form is designed for the end customer to opt themselves into the email or text campaign).

Access this toggle in Dashboard > Invites > Invite & Opt-in Forms > Opt-in Form > Advanced. From there, set Allow recipients to be re-added and reactivated? to Yes.