Note: This feature will only become visible after you have setup your email campaign.


Yes – you can find our opt-in form at Dashboard > Invites > Invite & Opt-in Forms > Opt-in.

This form also lives on its own URL – simply append your landing page URL with “/optin.”

For example, if your landing page URL is:

Your opt-in URL would be:

Load this URL on a dedicated kiosk at the point of sale to collect customer emails on the spot – and automatically add them to your email drip campaign or SMS campaign sequence (they’ll be placed directly on the Active Recipients list, bypassing the Pending list. If the Active list is full, they will go to the Pending list instead).

A customized Opt-in Form

Customizing the Opt-in Form

On the left side of the screen, you’ll find several options for customizing the form:

  • Header/Title: Change the large text at the top of the form
  • Body Text/HTML: Change the small text below the header text. This field accepts HTML.
  • Call-to-Action: Change what the Submit button says. The default text is Send Me a Request.
  • Custom CSS: change the look and feel of the Opt-in Form using CSS styling
  • Advanced: add a field for the [[custom_field_1]] placeholder or allow inactive recipients to be re-added and re-activated via this form only