Don’t despair! Getting customers to jump through the necessary hoops is always a bit of a “numbers game,” so results may take time and tweaking.

However, we can suggest a few things that may improve your results:

  1. Note that we reach out to the customer several times, and emails may still be going out. The default campaign is configured to send a request immediately after a recipient has been activated, then a reminder a few days later, then a reminder a few days after that. It often takes multiple tries to reach the customer at an optimum time for them to write a review.
  2. Consider personalizing or intensifying the wording of the emails. The default language is serviceable for a wide range of businesses, but the more directly you can speak to your customers, the more you stoke the sense of reciprocity that motivates them to complete a review for you.
  3. Mine your existing reviews for other motivators to touch on in your email messaging. For example, highlight yours as a local business that needs your customers’ support to compete with the Big Guys – people love to be needed and many want to support your business.
  4. Modify your landing page messaging. We’ve seen better conversions from the landing page by intensifying the message to happy customers. So, when Joe Customer clicks 4-5 stars, rather than a passive “Please take a moment…” you might try a more aggressive “Great! We need your help. Would you take a moment…”