Why do we limit you to 100 active recipients at a time? By capping the active recipient list, we’re doing two things:

  • Protecting you from spam detection
  • Ensuring a steady trickle of reviews instead of a sudden flood, making your business more trustworthy in the eyes of both review site algorithms and your potential customers.

Note that you are allowed 100 active recipients per location – for example, if you manage five profiles, each profile has its own email/text campaign. Each campaign can have up to 100 active recipients at any given time.

Whenever a recipient is deactivated (i.e. they move from the active recipients list to the inactive recipients list) their space is freed up on the ‘active’ list. Click here to see the ways a recipient can be deactivated. In most situations, Inactive recipients cannot be re-added until they are archived or manually deleted.

If you are a high-volume business and this limit is inadequate, you can increase the active recipient limit – simply contact your account administrator.

Note that you can have up to 5,000 pending recipients at any given time. You can set pending recipients to auto-activate as space frees up on your active list.

If you are the administrator of an Agency or higher-level account, you can adjust this setting in Dashboard > Invites > Recipients > ActiveThere is a hard limit of 1,000 active recipients to simultaneously allow you to accommodate a high-volume business and stay in line with our best practices.

Simply click the number next to Active recipient limit to edit.

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