Note: This feature is currently in private beta.

  • Apply default settings for new profiles across your entire account
  • New defaults can be overwritten through normal profile editing
  • Defaults can be set for Content, Setup, Mail Templates, and add-ons

It’s possible to set custom default settings for all new profiles created in your account, and/or apply many profile settings to all existing profiles in your account. To access these default settings, navigate to Manage > Defaults.

manage defaults tab

Profile Setup

Many of the options typically available under Dashboard > Funnel > Setup can be set account-wide here.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 2.40.40 PM Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 2.41.08 PM Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 2.41.40 PM

Defaults available include (click links for details):

Profile Content

Many of the options typically found under Dashboard > Funnel > Content can be set account-wide here.

main content

Under the Main Content section, defaults include (click each item for more information):


Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.26.19 AM

Under the Conditional Content section, defaults include (click each item for more information):

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.26.26 AM

Under the “Thank You” Messages section, defaults include:

  • Review “thank you” message (happy customers)
  • Contact from “thank you” message (unhappy customers)

Mail Templates

In the Mail Templates section, you can create a custom default email drip campaign for all profiles. Like all defaults, the campaign can be overridden by an individual profile. Click here for more information on editing email templates.

Click Reset Mail Templates to revert to the default email campaign sequence for all new profiles.

mail templates



In the Add-Ons section, you can preemptively turn on paid or otherwise manually activated features for all new profiles, including:

Email campaigns

Toggle on the Activate email for all new profiles checkbox to automatically turn on email campaigns for all profiles (skipping the initial setup). To learn more about email campaign settings, please click here.

You can set blanket defaults for the following:

  • Mail from name (e.g. Joe’s Plumbing): the name the recipient will see
  • Mail from address (e.g. the email address the recipient will see
  • Mail reply address (reply-to): the email address any recipient replies will go to
  • Mail active recipient limit

defaults email campaign

Text message campaigns

text messaging campaigns defaults

You can turn on text campaigns for all new profiles by toggling on the Activate phone/text for all new profiles box.

Note: When toggled on, you will be charged for text for each new profile.

Specify your country and default text message limit in the corresponding fields.

Review monitoring

review monitoring default

Check Activate monitoring for all new profiles to turn monitoring on by default. Note: You will be charged for this on some legacy plans. Check yours to make sure.

As with all sections, click Save Changes to finish.

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 9.27.22 AM

Deleting defaults

delete default profile button

You can delete your account-wide defaults and revert to the software’s defaults at any time by clicking the Delete Default Profile button. This irreversible action will permanently destroy your previous defaults and will apply to all new profiles (those created after deleting).